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About Chasen

Chasen (Chuzhou) Hi-Tech Machinery Services Pte., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Chasen Group in China. Singapore Chasen Group is an emerging service-oriented company that provides special logistics support for many companies through professional special logistics services. Since entering the field of equipment handling in 1994, the group has 26 years of professional experience. The group entered the Chinese market in 2004 and completed its listing in Singapore in 2007. Chasen (Chuzhou) Precision Instrument Equipment Service Co., Ltd. was established in November 2015 with a registered capital of 50 million yuan. After years of development, the company has successfully passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. The company's main business is precision equipment relocation and packaging, logistics management and transportation services. The company has rich experience and professional skills in the planning and execution of precision equipment relocation and resettlement projects. The company has more than 700 registered employees and nearly 200 employees with more than 5 years of handling experience. The company has advanced working tools that can transport, handle and install extremely sophisticated large-scale machinery and equipment.

The company has achieved a single-day moving-in weight of 850 tons, a single equipment weight of 56 tons, and a single project's simultaneous operation of 8 moving ports. The company mainly provides precision equipment hoisting and handling services for the mainland panel industry. The main long-term customers are BOE, TIANMA, CEC, CSOT, HKC, LG, TRULY, VISIONOX, Rainbow, etc.

The company mainly provides precision equipment handling services for the mainland semiconductor industry, and its customers are: Intel, SMIC, Silan, Ute, Innosec, etc.

The company mainly provides precision equipment handling services for the mainland photovoltaic industry, and its customers are: MiaSole, Dupont, Oerlikon, Hanergy, etc.

The company mainly provides precision equipment handling and assembly services for equipment manufacturers. Customers are: Afac, Nikon, ASML, etc.

General Manager's message

With the rapid economic development in China and the continuous improvement in people’s consumption levels, the structure of China’s industrial sectors have been experiencing some major adjustments. The optoelectronic sector, which turns out TFT, solar-power and semiconductor products, is being presented with great development opportunities. At the same time, for market and cost considerations, industrial giants from abroad are gradually extending their production chains to China, bringing added importance to logistics services.

Under these circumstances, Chasen is committed to continuous improvement and to raising our standards in technological innovation. By offering the most suitable logistics solutions and reliable logistics services, we create greater values for our clients, stakeholders, employees and other partners with conscientious and efficient operations

Looking forward to the future, Chasen is determined to become the leader of precision equipment logistics services. With an insatiable spirit of challenge, we will aim to build a first-class brand enterprise with international influence. With the continuous support of new and old customers, through the concerted efforts of all employees, we will further provide the breadth, depth and height of logistics services.

CHEONG TUCK NANG General Manager

Chasen (Chuzhou) Hi-Tech Machinery Services Pte., Ltd. in China is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore-based Chasen Holdings Ltd. Chasen Holdings is an emerging service-oriented enterprise. Through professional specialty logistics services, it has provided many businesses with the support of specialized logistics protection. The group has been relocating equipment since 1994 and has accumulated 17 years of experience.


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