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Specializing in the customs clearance and declaration team for imported equipment, Chasen Group maintains long-term cooperative relations with international freight forwarders, import and export companies, and international logistics companies. It has customs supervision qualifications, carries supervised goods, and provides you with one-stop customs solutions.
Chasen Group is also an expert in global transportation (contracted RO-RO ships/large air cargo aircraft), and has experience in the customs declaration process from the origin of equipment to major ports in China to provide customers with door-to-door services.

In a close partnership spanning years with ESA Logistics, an international freight forwarder with expert knowledge and capabilities in both the China market and in the fields of moving precision equipment and production facilities, we have gained a competitive advantage in a serving some of the biggest names in a rather niche and specialised sector.

Thanks to the advanced fleet of air-cushioned trucks and temperature-controlled containers from ESA Logistics, Chasen Group has been able to meet the stringent needs of land transportation for a category of goods requiring the highest level of attention with confidence.

Chasen Group maintains long-term storage depot custody services with more than 30 customers across the country, and manages a total of 1.108 million square meters of storage depots. With 17 years of professional management experience, a dedicated and efficient management team, first-class software and hardware facilities, and strict operations Efficiency, safety and quality control, to provide you with 24 hours a day depot container management and related services.
Chasen Group maintains a strict level of safety, to ensure enterprises don't incur any losses and casualities. The establishment of our safety management model follows modern international standards, and adopts modern practices.
Professionally trained employees and experienced supervisors are equipped with special tools to provide customers with the assembly of large precision instruments in a clean room.

Chasen (Chuzhou) Hi-Tech Machinery Services Pte., Ltd. in China is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Singapore-based Chasen Holdings Ltd. Chasen Holdings is an emerging service-oriented enterprise. Through professional specialty logistics services, it has provided many businesses with the support of specialized logistics protection. The group has been relocating equipment since 1994 and has accumulated 17 years of experience.


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